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CMS enquiry management system

We have added a fully featured enquiry management facility to the BMS

Published on 15th April 2016

How many customers are you losing because you forget to pursue enquiries? Can you improve how you respond to your potential customers?

A facility to manage enquiries has been added to our Business Management System (BMS). With it, you will be able to log and manage your customers enquiries as they come from your website or via the phone.

For example, let us imagine a scenario where a potential customer contacts you via a form on your website. This form could be set to automatically send a message back to this potential customer based on the type of product or service this person has shown an interest in. This potential client could then be automatically added to the correct mailing list and an enquiry record would be automatically created with a reminder set to let you know when to contact that person again and what further actions to take.

The enquiry management system includes a facility to set actions so that you can be reminded to call your customers back at a given day and time and makes it easier to follow up on an enquiry. You can also keep a record of your notes regarding your interactions with the person making the enquiry.

The enquiry records can include a list of the products or services that your customers are asking about which makes it easier to produce sales report such as how much time has elapsed between the enquiry and the sale and how many enquiries have or have not been converted to a sale.

It is all about keeping records so as to help you respond better to your customers.

The key features are...

  • Efficiently manage any type of enquiries.
  • Set reminders and to-dos.
  • Track your customers' progress from enquiry to sale.
  • Integrates with our mailing list system so that you can automatically trigger auto-responders.
  • Report upon enquiry source.
  • Report how much time has passed between the original enquiry and the moment the order was placed.
  • Report how many people have not moved from the enquiry stage to the order and why.
  • Retain your notes about your communications with your customers.
  • Retrieve enquiry details easily.
  • Record purchase information.

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