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Published on 7th August 2017

Our Business Management Studio comes in three versions and its feature set is getting larger with time.

The 'basic' CMS version is for managing your website's content, your blog and articles and is fully integrated with our Site Auditor Studio for better SEO. You can create as many pages as you like, add text, images and videos very easily. The CMS also includes an asset library which can be used to manage lists of documents, books, videos and audio files to make them available to people browsing your site.

The next version up is the E-CMS which has all the facilities included in the CMS with the addition of a fully featured shopping cart system and a client area.

The top version is the BMS which includes everything that can be found in the previous two versions as well as a comprehensive contact management system, a facility to manage enquiries and follow up actions and a lending library system.

Email newsletter and marketing

Earlier this year we added a complete email marketing facility and included it with all versions. It is now possible for you to send any type of communications, newsletters, special offers, follow-up emails, member or student notices, customer service announcements, affiliate emails, invitations, just about anything, all within the BMS / E-CMS / CMS systems.

You can even set-up automated emails that would go out at a set time after a person is added to a mailing list. This would allow you, for example, to set-up a simple online course and have the relevant course documents made available to your students automatically on a weekly or monthly installments basis.

Social media

Our latest upgrade makes it possible to send automated blog and product notifications to Facebook and Twitter just by ticking one box. For example, you could decide to send a notification to your social media accounts about the latest blog entry you have written. Just tick the box and it will be done automatically for you. Are you setting up a new event or course in the shopping cart system? Again, just tick the box to have a notification about it sent to your social media accounts.


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