Content Management Studio - basic version

This includes all the tools your might need to manage the content of your site. All the features listed below are also included in the business version.

Content editor

  • Manage one or more navigation menus on the site.
  • Organise the pages into sections.
  • Create password protected sections.
  • Work with live, draft and archived pages.
  • Manage text and images - full set of editing tools.
  • Add videos and sound.
  • Add custom HTML code.

Blog & articles

  • Can be used to separately manage both a blog and an article's section on your site.
  • Organise your site with multiple blog and article categories.
  • Further organise your posts by using a classification system.
  • Automatically submit a short extract of your new posts to Twitter and Facebook using Zapier.
  • List your posts by date, month or year.

Email marketing

  • 500 free message credits per month.
  • Double opt-in subscription form to add subscribers to any number of mailing lists.
  • Send newsletters and targeted mailings.
  • Manage automated mailings, set messages to be sent on a schedule after a person is added to a mailing list.
  • Find out who has opened your messages, who has clicked on a link, which addresses have returned a bounced message,etc....

Assets library

  • Manage lists of books, documents, images, digital videos and sound files.
  • Organise in types, categories and sub-categories.
  • Can be used on a website to display a portfolio, tutorials, etc....

Quotes and testimonials

  • Manage quotes and/or testimonials to be shown dynamically on your site.
  • Star rating system for testimonials.

FAQs system

  • Create multiple FAQs categories.
  • Unlimited questions / answers.

Content Management Studio - business version

This is the full version which includes all the items listed in the basic version, plus the following features...

Shopping cart system

  • Unlimited 'shop floors', departments, categories and products.
  • Support for selling events, courses, classes, products, services, rooms and digital items.
  • Create detailed product listings with images, videos and more.
  • Unlimited options per items sold, such as colours, sizes and course dates.
  • Add manual orders and invoices.
  • Sell and manage renewable items.
  • Automatic invoicing of renewable items 30 days before the due date.
  • Automated email reminders are sent to clients for overdue invoices.
  • A facility is included that would make it possible for your clients to rate an item they have purchased and to write a review. These can then be published on your site should you wish it..
  • A visual star rating facility is included.

Discounts & special offers

  • These can be set as a percentage of the total amount or as a fixed amount.
  • Link to a specific product.
  • Set a valid from and until date.
  • Create 'buy 3 for the price of 2' type of offers.
  • Create 'buy x number of this item and only pay (amount)' type of offers.

VAT & shipping

  • Suitable for showing prices inclusive of VAT, prices with VAT separately added and no VAT.
  • Default shipping rates for UK, Europe and rest of the world.
  • Shipping rates can be based on weight or fixed, based on the number of items in the basket.
  • Facility to offer free shipping when the total in the basket reaches a certain amount.

Email marketing

All the features listed under the CMS basic tab are included, plus...

  • 1000 free message credits per month.
  • Send messages to all the people who have purchased a particular item.

Assets library

All the features listed under the CMS basic tab are included, plus...

  • Make available books, documents, video or sound files that are linked to a product or service purchased.
  • All library items can be grouped to form a series of tutorial or courses which be be sold via the shopping cart.
  • A full lending module is available.
  • Record who has borrowed an item, record the date borrowed and the date the item should be returned.
  • The BMS keeps a record of everyone who has previously borrowed an item and when.
  • Automated email reminders when the items should be returned.

Contact Management System

  • Manage all your clients and other contacts.
  • Organise your contacts into types and segments.
  • List your contacts per organisations, for example, a national organisation could list all the members grouped by regional offices.
  • Write notes and to dos relating to your contacts.
  • Full integration with the email marketing system for easy mailings. Contacts can be automatically added to multiple mailing lists based on types and segments that can be used for targeted mailings.

Enquiries Management System

  • Create enquiry records based on what a prospective customer may be interested in.
  • Add notes, to dos and date specific actions to be accomplished.
  • New enquiry records are automatically created in the BMS when a enquiry form is submitted on your site.

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