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A domain can be used with either an email hosting package (email only) or with a website hosting package (website and email).

If you do not purchase a hosting package for the domain, we will 'park' your domain name until you need it. This means that you cannot use it for email or for a website, until the time when you buy a hosting package from us. If you wish to redirect a parked domain to another web address or change its DNS settings so that it works with another hosting provider, you will need to purchase a DNS Zone Package at £12.00 per year (this option is not available for or domains).

Extensions Registration price Duration£ 8.501 year
.uk£ 8.501 year£ 8.501 year
.com£ 15.001 year
.co£ 35.001 year
.org£ 17.001 year
.net£ 17.501 year
.biz£ 19.001 year
.info£ 22.001 year
.tv£ 58.001 year
.fyi£ 21.001 year£ 8.501 year£ 150.002 years - renewal £98.00
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Webmail is a convenient mean to help you check your email when you are away from your own computer. You can compose, send, receive, forward, search for email addresses and manage email messages from any computer connected to the Internet. Messages are stored with your web space.

Horde and RoundCube are the two applications used to provide you with this facility and are included with all our hosting packages.


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