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If you do not purchase a hosting package for the domain, we will 'park' your domain name until you need it. This means that you cannot use it for email or for a website, until the time when you buy a hosting package from us. If you wish to redirect a parked domain to another web address or change its DNS settings so that it works with another hosting provider, you will need to purchase a DNS Zone Package at £12.00 per year (this option is not available for or domains).

Extensions Registration price Duration£ 8.501 year
.uk£ 8.501 year£ 8.501 year
.com£ 15.001 year
.co£ 35.001 year
.org£ 17.001 year
.net£ 17.501 year
.biz£ 19.001 year
.info£ 22.001 year
.tv£ 58.001 year
.fyi£ 21.001 year£ 8.501 year£ 150.002 years - renewal £98.00
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