SEO Site Auditor Studio

The easier way to manage your site's SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and achieve a better ranking.

The SEO Site Auditor Studio provides you with a set of powerful search engine optimisation tools and will help you to understand how your site can be improved so that it may have a better chance of being seen.

Why do I need my site to be search engine optimised?

Does your business rely on attracting people searching for sites like yours via Google, Yahoo and Bing? If yes is the answer, it makes sense to have a site that will facilitate this process. What would be the purpose of spending a lot of money on a site that can't be found?

The Site Auditor Studio is designed to inform you how you can improve your site, the aim being to get a better ranking.

Main features:

Ranking report

A powerful ranking monitor that checks the positions of your web pages for all of your 20 most important keywords on Google, Bing and Yahoo in many countries and regions. The ranking monitor will give you the search numbers of the keywords, actionable items, alerts and many more things that help you to get things done as quickly as possible.

Find out about your competitors

Understand your competitors Google ranking, find out what their backlinks and Google AdWords are. This will help you understand better the SEO strategies of your competitors and improve your own to get better rankings.

Website audit report

Get a regular automated website health checks with the Site Auditor and quickly fix errors that have a negative influence on the search engine rankings of your website. The website audit tool in automtically finds duplicate content problems, canonical URLs, broken links, tags that can be improved, etc. With the website audit tool you can make sure that Google and other search engines can index all of your pages correctly.

Top 10 ranking optimiser

This is an important tool in SEOprofiler. Choose a page and optimise it so that it gets a high ranking on Google for the keyword string of your choice. The aim is to have that page appear amongst the top ten in a search for your keyword string.

Backlinks report

Keep track of the external links that point to your site and see which have the most influence on your site's ranking.

Analytics report

The Site Auditor integrates with your Google Analytics account so that you may get easy-to-read reports that help you to better understand your website visitors. Who are your site's visitors? How many people come from social networks? Which social network sends the most visitors? Which page has the highest conversion rate? Which keyword has the best performance? The analytics reports in the Site Auditor have the answer to these questions.

Keyword research

We can help you choose the right keywords for your business and compile a report showing for which keywords are you competitors ranked on Google. We can also compile a report which will show you a complete list of keyword suggestions that are based on your most important existing keywords and will indicate which might be uselful for your business.

Website submission

We will submit your site to Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Link building & management

We can work with you to build good backlinks to your site. The initial process will analyse your existing backlinks and those of your competitors. This will allow us to implement an effective link building strategy.

£38.00 /quarterly
  • Phone support
  • Weekly Google, Bing and Yahoo ranking report for your most important keywords
  • Top 10 ranking optimiser
  • Weekly audit report
  • Site submission to search engines
  • Google Analytics integration
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Need more help?

The Site Auditor Studio is provided as a tool to help you manage your site's SEO better and most of the recommendations will be easy to implement.

Occasionaly, you may want us to do the work for you. In this case, we will be happy to help you. We can help with:

  • Implementing any of the recommendations given by the audit report
  • Submit pages to article directories, blog directories, etc.
  • Setting up a Google Sitemap
  • Link building & management
  • Keyword research

The cost for us doing any of the above is £25.00 per hour.


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