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WordPress website design and development

WordPress website design and development agency based in Manchester

WordPress is perhaps the most widely use application to construct and manage websites. It is easy to use and a very good solution for all but the most complex sites.

We can provide you with a WordPress hosting package and set-up the application so that it is ready to use with one of the many themes available (WordPress calls templates 'themes'). We can also create a custom made theme which can better reflect your business identity or how you would like to express yourself.

Once it is all set-up and the theme is installed, you will be able to easily manage the content of your site and we will always be available to provide help and guidance.

We provide 3 WordPress packages for you to choose from:

DIY WordPress

Simply choose any one of our hosting packages and use the automated installer which we provide.

This is a very easy way to install WordPress and choose a ready-made template in just a few clicks.

This is the best solution for people who are already familiar with WordPress and are confident they can just get on with it.

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Easy start WordPress

For people who would like to have a little bit of help to get started.

We will install WordPress for you, configure it to be secure and add the theme of your choice.

We will then spend a bit of time with you on the phone to show you how WordPress works (for specific help using the theme of your choice, you will need to contact the theme's developer). For that, we can also make use of a remote support software to access your computer remotely (with your permission of course) which will allow us to guide you as if we were sat in front of your computer.

The cost for this is £45.00 (once only charge) + that of the hosting package of your choice (quarterly or yearly).

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WordPress theme development

If you would prefer to have a site that reflects more closely your personal or business identity, we can design and develop a custom theme for you.

Perhaps you would like to move away from using a ready-made theme or upgrade/refresh an existing site.

We will set-up WordPress, configure it to be secure and concentrate on giving you a custom made theme which you can use as a frame for your text and images.

Being responsive, your website will work equally well on any device.

The price for this is usually in the £400.00 to £600.00 bracket, depending on what you require.

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WordPress Management Packages

Fully managed WordPress

If you do not have the time to manage your WordPress installation and would like us to do it for you, no problems.

We will keep your WordPress system and its plugins up-to-date. We will also give you the premium version of Wordfence as well as a SSL certificate to greatly increase the security of your website and will monitor reports generated by Wordfence to make sure that we catch any problems as they arise.

If it is found that a WordPress upgrade is not compatible with your theme or one of your plugins, we will contact you to discuss the situation and find a solution.

The total cost for this is £17.50 per month (payable quarterly).

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Fully managed WordPress + SEO Auditor

This includes everything that is provided in the 'fully managed WordPress package', with the addition of our SEO Site Auditor Studio package at a discount.

The Site Auditor for WordPress is the best way to monitor your search engines' ranking and be warned of issues which could affect the position of your site.

The total cost for this is £25.75 per month (payable quarterly).

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