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Changes to browser HTTPS warnings in Firefox and Chrome

Published on 26th July 2017

Browsers are now adding a 'not secure' (in Chrome) or a broken padlock (in Firefox) warning if the website includes a login or a payment form that is not secure.

Five Reasons Hackers are Targeting SMEs

Published on 5th June 2017

Small and medium size businesses are the primary target for hackers, mainly because smaller businesses do not always have the same resources to implement a good security policy.
| Source: Infosecurity Magazine

New Paper Lantern theme for cPanel

Published on 10th February 2017

Paper Lantern is the latest theme issued by cPanel to manage the web hosting control panel and has now replaced RVSkin on all our servers.

We have added a fully featured enquiry management facility to the BMS

Published on 15th April 2016

This new facility will make it easier for you to manage business enquiries and help you to schedule a set of responses.

Is viewing your site on a mobile device a pleasant experience?

Published on 28th February 2016

About 3 years ago, Google started to lower the ranking of websites that do not provide a good experience on mobile devices. Is your site being affected?

WordPress XML-RPC brute force attacks

Published on 5th December 2015

Brute force attacks are very common against web sites and WordPress has been a favourite target for many years. Unfortunately, this has now been getting worse due to a 'feature' in WordPress that has the unwelcome result of making brute force attacks much easier and more efficient.



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